This is the web site for Babraham Village, near Cambridge in the UK. It provides information from the Parish Council and a range of local groups, details of public services and growing history section.

The site is run by Babraham Parish Council on behalf of the residents. Any comments or enquiries should be made to the Parish Council, either directly or by using this Contact Form.

Additional information is often to be found on the notice board in the centre of the village.

Latest News

Be Careful

We have had reports of a woman being attacked one late afternoon last week on the road to the church near the pocket park. She is fine with no serious harm done, she had her dogs with her. Please be careful and report anything suspicious to the police. They are involved in the case and will be keeping an eye out in the area. The attacker has been described as 5′ 9″ tall wearing a Barbour jacket.

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Pocket Park Footpath Bridge : There is a reason it is still closed.

Please be aware that the bridge on the path from the High Street through to the Church Road over the river is still closed. It has been taped up since Bertha brought a tree down, but people are ignoring the tape and walking over the bridge. We know the fallen tree has seemingly been removed, however there is a rather large branch hanging above the bridge which is caught up in electricity and phone wires and may well fall at any time.

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