Black Barn Project – update

The owners of the barn, CERN, have told us that they are not prepared to lease the land and buildings to us, rather they are looking to sell the freehold. The Parish Council has discussed the implications of this and decided that as the cost of the freehold and the remedial works far exceed the available budget that they will recommend to the Village Hall Committee that the project be abandoned.

Sadly there has been little interest from residents, and nobody volunteering to help with the project. So it is likely that the Village Hall Committee and Parish Council will decide that seeking additional funding would not be worth it.

The chances are that this was the one opportunity to rescue this building and to provide a community space for the village.

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10 September 2015

Agenda : Minutes

The meeting was mainly concerned with two matters. The first that we need to redouble our efforts at finding two new councillors, with only three out of five we need everyone to attend to be quorate. If you, or someone you know, is interested then please contact us. The second issue discussed was the outcome of negotiations with CERN, owners of Babraham Farms, regarding the Black Barn and the playground site behind the George. CERN have told us that they would only consider selling the freehold of the barn and are not prepared to lease it to us. The combined cost of the freehold and the remedial works is way beyond the budget available and so the Black Barn project is regretfully closed. Better news on the land behind the George that we would like to put a playground on. CERN and the PC are to negotiate a long lease for the use of the land.

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Your Parish Council needs you

The Parish Council should consist of five councillors, this is the minimum for even the smallest of villages, currently we have only three and so have two vacancies. We would welcome any interest from residents or those who work in the parish. The workload is not that onerous, the interest level high and the satisfaction to be gained by helping your village priceless.

The Parish Council is important and though we only have 10 meetings a year we are often the only way in which the views of our residents can be expressed to the decision makers who are obliged to at least listen to us. Every year we set and then collect Council Tax from our residents and spend it on village maintenance, our legal obligations and various improving projects – so the position has direct effect on your fellow residents.

If you are interested then either chat to any of the councillors, email us or come along to a meeting to see what it is we do. Full training and support is provided.

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